Hit Soap Opera Star Beatypeen


Ring ring

hello? is someone there? i can hear you breathing. stop calling here you creep or i’ll call the fucking cops


watching old porn wondering where they are in life these days

they’re lookin up at the moon thinkin about us too

i wonder if there are a disproportionate amount of douchey guys named chad. i wouldn’t be surprised if there are but i need to see the evidence first


i’ve never seen a picture of lorde smiling yet we’re still picking on kristen stewart who has the prettiest smile ever

no one’s even been talking about kristen stewart for like a year

it would be so cool to be hot as a guy and a girl like andrej pejic or erika linder. fuck man i’m not even that hot as just one gender




When I find a dude who eats the peach perfectly I’m probably going to have to marry him

Why is a vagina being referred to a peach

ew what are you talking about, this post is about fruit


my autobiography will become a postmodern experimental masterpiece for pioneering the verbal art of endless repeated wanking descriptions


first rule of fight club…dont look at my fucking boner when we fight, rule two..dont talk about my baggy camo army pants they hide the boner

like and reblog my upcoming selfie!! support local bands!!


micheal cera will forever look 14 hes like wolverine frozen in his prime

did a messy sketch of kuriboh 

we don’t take too kindly to rn’s, vv’s or cl’s ‘round these parts


I’m trying to find the right kind of blue in these waves. it’s in between the white it’s so beautiful I hope you can see it

i think i found it omg you’re right it’s so beautiful


i know this college will treat me right