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morning blogging is so funny and relaxing. problematic people dont have the energy or leg muscles to get out of bed at this time 

Truth! Most of my brony friends are up in the morning. :3

please fuck off

i don’t even like matisse why am i drawing like this


Aesthetic: straight male who can’t watch porn without commenting about seeing the guy’s face for a second and losing his boner to prove that he’s not gay


damn someone improved as a human being

@ me next time

damn someone improved as a human being

be careful about online relationships the person you’re talking to could be that kid at school who drew anime characters on his arms and wrote really bad poems

just please be careful you guys

there are so many blogs that exclusively reblog stuff with 100k notes and over and it just doesn’t make sense… everybody’s already seen that stuff before that’s why it has 100k notes… your blogs are so boring


y’all mad but like… it’s just the vmas these awards are as prestigious as mcdonalds kids meal toys



iowa is the only state that consists entirely of vowels

i dont understand this? ‘w’ is a consonant???

vowels are sounds not letters. so like a, e, i, o and u aren’t vowels either but the sounds you make when you pronounce them are. in this case the w is a diphthong which is a vowel 


some jag off: global warming is cool. me: [roll my eyes & dismount my fixy bike] firstly its not. secondly you just contridicted yourself.

i’ve been gone from here so long and people are still post ironically using the term no offence… side eyes emoji side eyes emoji side eyes emoji

male calf length jean shorts. good ol denim small versions of pants (but not too small)

follower stocks are down note stocks are down your blogging career is fucking finished!!!


none of the posts that say who dat who dat i g g y are funny please stop

is the sports side of tumblr declaring war on the celebrity-humor side of tumblr? i think it is